Tier System

There are 5 Tiers which will be ranked based on criterias of SMARTLAUNCHPAD.

You can see below for a better view on the Tier system.

In the first round, called the “Allocation Round”, users can purchase the amount allotted to them based on their tier and lottery winners can purchase based on their ticket size.


In round 2, the unsold tokens from the first round are made available on a FCFS basis, Users who joined Register to join in IDO, Except users who successfully bought in Allocation Distribution Stage and Users who weren’t selected in the Lottery Stage will be allowed to participate. This round is open until all tokens are sold, typically lasting for only a few minutes. After all the tokens are sold, the IDO is concluded.

SmartLaunchpad will collect user data and obtain real user feedback on the SmartLaunchpad IDO development this will help developers build a reliable gateway heading into the future all the while taking into consideration valuable community feedback and potential DAO proposals.

SmartLaunchpad will ensure a legitimate system giving our users the proper incentives to accumulate and hold tokens and support each project launched. Over time, SmartLaunchpad will modify other aspects as necessary to keep the system operational, competitive, and rewarding for all community members.

SmartLaunchpad is next generation of blockchain launchpads helping to solve the existing weaknesses that plague current launchpads. This type of platform benefits all holders of the token and allows for fair vetted project launches giving traders of all sizes the opportunity to invest in the newest upcoming project launches on SmartLaunchpad.

Details will be updated soon!

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