What Is The Benefit For $SPAD Token Holders?

Holding $SPAD in your wallet gives you many benefits. 1. By holding SPAD you can Participate in our private & Public sales. 2. If you stake your $SPAD you can earn APY,Higher Tier gives you higher allocation during the sales.

Is SmartLaunchpad Multichain?

Currently, it is only on BSC. Other chains will be added gradually to make Smartlaunchpad a multichain launchpad.

What is your contract address ?


Do I Need To Perform KYC To Participate In IDO?

KYC is necessary to participate in IDOs, not to trade in the marketplace or for staking purposes.

What's The Accepted Currency For An IDO? BNB, USDT Or BUSD?

It varies per project. To be guided on which currency the project runs, visit IDO Projects found on this link https://app.smartlaunchpad.io The currency is indicated for every project

Can I unstake or withdraw before the deadline?

Yes. But u need to pay a penalty if u unstake before time. the penalty rate varies according to the time of staking. it depends on how much time remains unstake.

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