SmartLaunchpad Application Process for Project Listings

SmartLaunchpad will only consider vetted projects to be listed on SmartLaunchpad. We will employ a dedicated team ensuring that only quality, innovative projects that have a plenty of optimism and creative ideas that will bring a fresh approach to the crypto ecosystem. We absolutely do not consider projects lying at the idea stage and have nothing more than a website. SmartLaunchpad is looking to consider projects that have

  • Determined their utility

  • Finalized the concept with a whitepaper

  • Formed a dedicated development team

  • Marketing & other teams

  • Analogous to implementing their ideas with SmartLaunchpad our mission is clear

  • Support and make launch an easy process for high-end as well as small projects

  • Make everything a fair and decentralized process for the public across all regions of the globe

In recent history there have been many scams in DEFI and so many users are extra careful about using liquidity pools with weak security flaws. SmartLaunchpad will ensure our investors that the SmartLaunchpad team will thoroughly vet listings and will only allow projects that have gone through intense screening processes by our team to be listed on the launchpad.

SmartLaunchpad will provide screening services to collect and analyze information before deciding whether the applying project meets our requirements.

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