SmartLaunchpad Screening Process for IDO

  • Basic Project Information.

  • Detailed Description of Project.

  • Team Members, Website, Email, and GitHub.

  • Contact Numbers of team members.

  • Social Media Profiles (Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Discord …etc.)

  • The screening team will review all the submitted information and perform their initial diligent research and decide if the application be approved. This process will take an average of three business days.

  • The Smartlaunchpad team will email the applicants about the application status when the application decision is approved or rejected.

  • Due Diligence Q&A with the SmartLaunchpad applicant and document verification process. Note: It will take at least one full business day to complete this part of the application process. Please make sure to bring all the requested documents to the interview before the vetting video conference begins.

  • After the intensive and well-coordinated review process, the applicant will then be notified of the next step of the application process or rejection of the customer's application.

  • SmartLaunchpad partnerships will also exercise their due diligence on the approved projects. A SmartLaunchpad partnership will help prepare a list of criteria to decide whether the project applicant is a worthy addition to SmartLaunchpad or not. Our screening team would conduct a full personal interview with the applying project team if all requirements are met. If projects are approved the SmartLaunchpad partners are then prioritized to take part in the presale rounds of the project when launched. SmartLaunchpad will charge a launch fee for all listing partners and the cost for using the launchpad service will be at the discretion of our team concerning the applicant.

    ● Approval or Rejection of Application

    ● Welcome to SmartLaunchpad (If approved)

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